Our Story

The dream of Anex came true under the name of Kashif Electronics in December 1978. After trading for approximately a decade, we distributed electronic itemsin Pakistan’s market for 10 years.

Anex was launched in Pakistan in 1999. It will not be wrong to say that we proudly introduced the concept of product Warranty & Guarantee & we tried our best to provide the best quality and after sales services in minimal prices. We started off with introducing 10 products in the market and we are proud to say that today Anex offers close to 200 Home & Kitchen appliances products in the market. The quality, reliability & after sales service is what makes Anex one of the leading brands in Pakistan.

We have also started a manufacturing plant for Washing Machines & been manufacturing and distributing washing machines for a year now.


Anex, the most renowned brand, has proven itself to be the most popular choice for household appliances.One of pioneers in this industry in pakistan,anex’s
products undergo rigurous quality check control methods, under the stringent quality control management to create products that conform to theglobal quality standards. Our well qualified personell, create only the most premium products well suited for customers to carry out their day-to-day activities, in a reformed manner.

Due to our expertise and well informed team, we are able to develop innovative products accomadating the needs of consumer in an unparalled way. The diverse number of appliances cater to a broad section of the community, hence with serving over 200 appliances, with various features and price points, anex prides itself for leading the way and for being a trademark in this industry.

Today Anex, has reached a point in this business that it caters to stores all over Pakistan, to make our products more accessible to the consumers.

What makes us unique is our no tolerance policy towards lack of quality, standard and reliability and setting our customers’ satisfaction as the number one priority.


To ensure all products are developed with well-recognized safety issues, unique designs, high quality standards, and reliability. We offer intelligent quality products that guarantee excellent results in order to exceed customer expectations for a new and rewarding home experience. What makes us unique is our extensive knowledge and understanding of consumer needs which enables us to develop innovative products which change the way people interact with appliances.

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